Friday, November 7, 2014

SO many Christmas ornaments with trisha too

Fair warning--you may want to get a cuppa something before diving into this post. I've got a lot of ornaments to share with you today, but I'll keep the details short and sweet--let's start with this pretty pink angel:

Leaky Shed Studio Scroll Bracket Frame
Leaky Shed Studio Scroll Frame Ornament
For this last one, I layered two of the snowflakes from the Six Snowflakes set to make super snowflakes, and the base is actually the small chip from the 6x6 Bracket Album.

Thank you for visiting us today at Leaky Shed Studio --if you'd like more details on supplies and whatnot, plus a few more photos of these ornaments (yes, seriously, MORE photos!!!), please stop by my personal blog at easily amused, hard to offend.

Have wonderful weekend!


  1. love all the ornaments, they are all so pretty

  2. Thank you! There's something very satisfying about making ornaments, I don't know. And these are for little gifties for my friends, so that made them even more fun to create! :)

  3. Stunning ornaments, Trisha!! ~ Blessings, Tracey