Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Labrador Chippy LO with Maggi

Good morning everyone,, Maggi here to share a layout with you of my sweet Brandy. She has left us Dec 28, 2007 but as with all our furbabies, she lives forever in our hearts!

Leaky Shed has such a wonderful range of pet chippies and I really love this Labrador #3 chippie as it looks just like our Brandy's profile.    I simply painted it all black except for that sweet pink tongue!   We have a whole line of dog and other animal chippies and they are so fun to use with your furbaby projects. 

Brandy was an alpha female but she was a really sweet gal and sometimes oh so silly! The only thing bad about her was that she thought all the toys were hers. The two poodles we had at the time were not allowed to play with the toys, ever. When they would get a toy, Brandy would get up and take it away from them and the poodles would just sit in respectful silence as Brandy collected all their toys!

I love these two photos of Brandy collecting the toys, after which she laid down and protected them!

Underneath my floral cluster I've used our Flower Corner but I've cut it in two pieces and layered it under my flowers. I painted it with Via Maya Cacao and used Range Antiquities Rose Quartz for the flowers on the chippy.

In this closeup you can see both the Flower Leaf Corner and Labrador #3 chipboard pieces.


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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh I love this! LOVING the flowers and the dog silhouette!!!!

  2. Love this Maggi! And Brandy isn't labs have a hard time sharing toys too.

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    2. Labs are just kinda like that I think. LOL, Brandy was the best dog ever, she was so so smart, she was actually half lab and half shepherd as she was an uh oh between two purebreds. Loved her so much and miss her everyday but must confess I do not miss all that dog hair. She was Alaska bred and had one heck of an undercoat from her shepherd daddy!