Monday, January 12, 2015

a little trinket box for a little princess--trisha too

Do you know any princesses?  I recently altered one of those round cheese boxes, the kind the wedges of soft cheese come in, and I think it would be the perfect little trinket box for some girlish treasures. 
Has a nice crackle finish to it, which also protects the chipboard
 The crown is from the Crown Set--this one looked particularly feminine to me, with the swirls.  In real life, as opposed to "I can't photograph glitter" life, it's now quite sparkly and appealing.
See--lots of great shapes to choose from!

Lots of bling, lots of ruffley pink seam binding . . .
Fairly simple piece, but I know a little princess who is going to have fun with this!

Have a wonderful week,